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'Dear Twitter, Blow me ...': James Woods sends Twitter snowflakes a 'love letter' for trying to get him shut down again

James Woods has been back on Twitter now for about a month and already our tolerant, good-natured, good-humored lefty trolls are trying to shut him down.



James sent Twitter what we like to call a ‘love letter’ of sorts:

Guess when you’re over the target is when they’ll come for you the most … especially those German trolls.



Seems super heartfelt from James though, right?

Especially that whole, ‘Blow me,’ thing.

Dude could totally write greeting cards for Hallmark.

We were moved to tears as well.

Tears of laughter but still.

Orange man bad?

Unless you’re a Lefty who hasn’t showered in a month who tweets support for all eleventy billion genders and plans to vote for Bernie Sanders. Then you’re totally in the clear.


Wouldn’t be the first time and it won’t be the last.


*crosses fingers*

All we’re looking for is a little balance, folks.

Just a little.

True dat.



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