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'For once use your EARS, not your mouth': Ida Bae Wells trying to out-victim Cubans because AMERICA BAD does NOT end well for her

Even America’s poor are the envy of other countries.

Cubans included.

So Ida Bae Wells’ claim that growing up poor in America is as bad as living in Cuba rings a teeny bit hollow.


And a whole lot stupid.

Let us know when you build a raft out of trash to escape America because you’re just that desperate, Ida. Also, drop a line when you have to eat a pet or two so you don’t starve to death.


This reminds us of people who call Trump a dictator and a tyrant. If that were the case they’d never have the opportunity to say so.

We suppose that when playing the victim is key to your agenda it’s important to somehow be the biggest victim but still.

Gotta get those clicks and taps.


Hey, they said ‘kindly.’


Wait, that didn’t really work there but it just seemed to fit for some reason.




‘Look, this firing squad is going to suck BUT’ … Jim Geraghty’s thread on Cuba makes Bernie Sanders look even WORSE

OUCH-VILLE! Charles C.W. Cooke DROPS Marxist fanboy Ian Goodrum for claiming Cuba is better than America

BRO, way to be racist AND sexist: Igor Volsky wants gun makers punished for DARING to sell guns to women and even MINORITIES

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