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'Allow me to illuminate': Larry O'Connor gives Never Trump 'personalities' a dose of their own medicine in BRUTAL thread

Never Trump is having sort of a rough go of it lately, especially since it looks more and more like Bernie Sanders may indeed win the Democratic nomination. Will these so-called ‘gatekeepers’  of conservatism really vote for a socialist just to dunk on Trump? Is giving up the country to a bunch of unhinged socialists a conservative value?


People keep asking them these questions (and others) so of course, that means we’re all obsessed with Never Trump.


Larry O’Connor wrote quite frankly one of the best and most brutal threads we’ve seen on Twitter in a long time:

Psh, ask a stupid question, Never Trump.

Get yer popcorn.

Their egos won’t allow it.


Probably less.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

‘We resent your continued prominent position that you did not earn through accuracy or hard work.’

Damn son.

They are a tool of the Left.


Can we get an AMEN?



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