Democrat Mark Judson is running for North Carolina District 7.

And he considers himself a ‘Resistance Bad-Ass’.

We laughed too.

Anyway, Judson took it upon himself to put up a poll asking if Trump supporters should be fired from any Federal jobs after Trump is out of office, and he added they would know who these people are from their social media posts. Welp, if that isn’t fascism we’re not sure what is.

Apparently, since it wasn’t policy he was proposing that somehow made it ok?

Thinking he should drop the ‘bad’ from his self-descriptor and just say, ‘Resistance A*s’ because he deleted it.

We can help him out …

Sorry, Mark, Twitter is FOREVER.

Oh, there it is.

What a sweetie, right?

It’s exactly what they want.

For safety purposes, right?

We did take a gander at Mark’s timeline and it’s everything you’d expect:

And of course, now he’s playing the victim …

C’mon people, all he was suggesting was firing people for how they vote!

Cut him some slack.

How very Democratic.



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