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'Clown AND a commie': Bernie Sanders' tone-deaf tweet about a 'tiny group having wealth and power' BACKFIRES in a big way

Bernie Sanders is really pushing this whole ‘I’m just like you normal schmucks,’ thing really hard. We suppose when his entire campaign depends on vilifying successful people in this country who already pay the majority of taxes he needs to try and deflect from the fact that he’s ONE of the evil rich guys.


In fact, he’s part of a tiny group of people who have incredible wealth and power in America.

Bernie. You’re a powerful millionaire. Derp.

A clown and a commie.

Nice alliteration.


The smallest one, duh.


Socialism for thee but not for me?



Look at how ordinary ol’ Bernie is here with a private jet and a luxury SUV.

Just like the rest of us. *eye roll*



GRRL BYE: Rashida Tlaib doubles down on The Squad’s narrative that women are oppressed in America and it goes SO wrong

‘At least he’s not trashing his own PARTY!’ Lefties BLAST AOC for attacking Mike Bloomberg and there’s not enough popcorn

‘Improper political influence:’ Jason Foster’s thread on the ‘dangerous arrogance of deep state bureaucrats’ is a must-read

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