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He's RIGHT you know: Brit Hume makes an example of both WaPo and the NYT by using their own front page 'acquittal' headlines

Brit Hume highlighting the front pages of both the Washington Post and New York Times from today in order to prove how painful it must have been for them to admit Trump has been acquitted is one of his best digs yet and he didn’t even really need to say anything:



Bitter impeachment battle? Battle?

Oof, that acquittal had to hurt.

We get they need the drama to sell papers but c’mon, really? Anyone who’s been watching knows this really wasn’t a battle. This was a bunch of House Democrats who couldn’t accept Trump won in 2016 making ginormous jackas*es of themselves while weaponizing an important and fundamental tool of our republic.

That’s sort of clunky for a headline though, yeah?

Merry Acquitmas … HA HA HA HA HA


The media has been pushing it for a long, long time, just like the Democrats. They needed the public to believe it was a possibility for clicks and taps … and campaign fodder.

It probably literally PAINED them.


Because of course, they did.

Romney doesn’t really count.

Sorry, not sorry.


THERE it is.

Hey, at least USA Today got it right.

Except these aren’t funny haha, they’re funny annoying.

When they show you who they really are, believe them.



The IRONY: S.E. Cupp tells Romney not to worry about ‘unprincipled hypocrites’ and ‘sellouts’ supporting Trump and HELLO backfire

She went full-out CAPS LOCK! Bette Midler loses her ever-loving MIND (even more) over Trump’s pinned tweet (Acosta too!)

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