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‘Guillotine the rich!’ Project Veritas shares video of another Bernie Sanders field organizer promoting Gulags, re-education, violence, and more (watch)

As Twitchy reported last week, Project Veritas shared some troubling footage of Bernie Sanders’ field organizer Kyle Jurek. Welp, it sounds like Bernie Sanders has a staffer issue or two because another field organizer from South Carolina echoed almost exactly what Jurek said about Gulags, re-education, and violence. It’s almost like Sanders’ campaign attracts a very specific sort of dangerous and crazy.



‘The Soviet Union was not horrible.’

‘For women’s rights, the Soviet Union is the most progressive place in the world.’


Holy crap.

What a sweetheart.

Seems Martin deleted his account:

Huh, wonder why he’d do that? He was all about straight-up getting armed and fighting the revolution.



It seems pretty awful, yup.

The DNC created a monster and they can’t control it.

Guess not.



‘DISTRACTION! SHAM!’ Brit Hume drops the liberal media over their ‘shoe on the other foot disease’ with impeachment (watch)

‘You’re WHITE’: Hotep Jesus calls David Hogg OUT in a big way for using black death to get Twitter engagement

I went to the #VirginiaRally and all I got was this lousy t-shirt … KIDDING! It was AWESOME and here’s what really happened

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