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Delete THIS: Stephen Gutowski, Cam Edwards and others WRECK NBC's Ben Collins for calling VA's Gun Rally 'white nationalist rally'; UPDATED


He deleted the tweet and claimed he ‘wasn’t clear’:


But people still aren’t thrilled with him.

And then how about, ‘I’m sorry.’


This is repugnant.



In other words, totally eff’d up.

NBC’s Ben Collins lecturing reporters attending the ‘white nationalist rally’ in Virginia about verifying information before sending it out could be one of the stupidest tweets on Twitter … ever. WE KNOW, we know, we feel like we’re setting people up to accept this challenge so maybe we should just say this tweet is really really really really really stupid.

Made-up stuff.

The irony.


Sadly, Ben is all too serious.

Which tells you exactly how much of a joke the media really is.

Three alleged white supremacists mean the rally is a white nationalist rally?


But that’s no fun!


Yes, it is.


Of course, it doesn’t help.

The media want the rally to turn into another Charlottesville so they can screech about how Trump has created such a hateful, divided, and racist country. If they have to accept this is nothing more than a bunch of Virginians standing up in the face of an overreaching government they have to admit what Northam and Virginia Democrats are doing is not what the people want.

And we can’t have that, now can we?

He does.

But he still doubled-down:

Here’s a bunch of crap articles from CNN …




Thinking Ben should just delete the tweets and then his account.




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