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'Absolutely DAMNING': Byron York just tears FBI and media a NEW one over the Steele dossier in vicious thread

The Left and media (same difference) have been telling us the IG report is somehow a good thing for the FBI … guess Byron York sees it a tad bit differently because he didn’t pull a single punch in this thread on the Steele dossier WHICH we have learned did play an integral (YUGE) part in this entire mess.


It’s like a bunch of harpies got together in their nasty sewing circle to talk smack about that one orange guy they don’t like. Except the sewing circle gossip was shared by another HUGE sewing circle in an effort to try and actually hurt the orange guy.

Hard to believe this is real life, right?

We’re amazed anyone took their info seriously.


Ugh, gross, the pee tape.

Democrats really are disgusting.

FBI has made themselves look like keystone cops. They’re a joke.


And it will likely cost Democrats the election in 2020.



Let’s hear it for Adam Schiff! #ImpeachmentBackfire should scare the CRAP out of Democrats (we TOLD them!)

Spoiler alert, she DIDN’T know: Undercover Huber dunks on CNN analyst Asha Rangappa and her ‘knowledge’ of FISA warrants

BAD timing for Dems : Top aide to Ukrainian President Zelensky says they never felt aid was tied to investigating Biden

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