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'Don't want to hear ANOTHER WORD about that meme': Female Trump supporter assaulted outside MN rally (watch)

Well, well, well, whad’ya know?

An innocent woman who dared support Trump was hit in the face simply because she and her likely boyfriend (husband) walked through a group of anti-Trump psycho Lefties.


But sure, tell us more about how that Trump meme is super dangerous and stuff because it shows Trump in a scene from The Kingsman movie.


Public safety.

That’s adorable.

Yeah, she’s a real toughie hitting another woman who’s looking the other way.

Shameful coward.

Totally NOT a drain on society.


Not at all.


But we thought Trump supporters were the violent ones. Hrm.

Wouldn’t count on it anytime soon unfortunately.


WHOLE new level of stupid –> Tom Arnold calls ‘black-owned hip hop festival’ a klan rally because attendees knew Ben Shapiro

Ummm … IS THIS REAL?! ABC News appears to have used gun range footage from 2017 claiming it’s current combat in Syria

‘Selective outrage is obvious and BORING’: Redsteeze takes on HORDE of hypocritical Lefties screeching about #TrumpVideo

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