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GAME-FREAKIN'-CHANGER?! Glenn Beck drops Ukrainian recording so damning to Hillary no WONDER media isn't sharing (watch)

Holy eff.


You guys have got to watch this from Glenn Beck.


Leave it to Glenn to share audio no one else in the traditional media seems all that eager to share. This is all starting to feel like a spy movie or something, it’s nuts. And gosh, it sounds like Ukrainians think Hillary is far easier to deal with than Trump.

Wonder why that is?

We love how Glenn seems as shocked as we are while watching it. Heh.

Your wish is our command.

And they have a narrative and agenda to push.

Sorry, not sorry.

But wait, there’s more.


Skip skip skip skip skip … TRUMP MADE A PHONE CALL.


That’s why the recording of Sytnik is such a big deal. The media (and Democrats) are conveniently leaving out the whole story in hopes they can sort of gloss over how dirty they’ve been when it comes to Ukraine and magically oust Trump over a phone call.

And as Glenn says, it doesn’t work.


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