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They DON'T trust American voters! Rep. Doug Collins shares damning video-montage proving why Dems REALLY want Trump impeached

Rep. Doug Collins has been calling out the Democrats for months now on why they really want to impeach Trump, and it has nothing to do with a phone call or even Russian freakin’ collusion.


Nope, it has to do with the 2020 election and the reality that they doubt their own ability to actually beat Trump.


Dems don’t trust Americans to vote for them.

And instead of doing something about their own platform and or agenda they’re trying to remove a sitting president by any means necessary.

Pathetic, ain’t it?

That seems to be their constant state of mind, yup.


Democrats are in trouble and they know it.

It was never about Russia or securing our elections and it’s always been about not being able to accept Hillary lost and doing whatever they can to try and remove Trump because ORANGE MAN BAD.

But you knew that.

We all did.


OOF: Even George Stephanopoulos isn’t buying what Nancy Pelosi is trying to sell defending Adam Schiff (watch)

AND we’re officially dead: Famed feminist Naomi Wolf agrees with parody Titania McGrath on the anti-trans movement

HUME-ILIATED: Brit Hume just totally ‘ma’am’d’ a snarky, smug blue-check who tried dunking on him over Schiff and LOL

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