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'Stick to mixin' drinks': AOC tries getting all big and bad with the NRA after they OWN 'The Squad' in powerful tweet and YEAH no

NRA has been going after ‘The Squad’ pretty hard for months now, and who can blame them considering the flunky foursome have called the NRA and their members, murderers, white supremacists, and even terrorists.


Yeah, they’re jerks, but you knew that.

Then for whatever reason, Shannon Watts decided to open her yap and jump into the fray (although she likely blocked the NRA after tweeting this):

She’s so awful

And speaking of awful.

Spoken like a real elected official, right? Super eloquent and classy as ever.


But wait, it gets better.


Are you just punking out?

We’d be embarrassed for her but she clearly has zero shame so why bother.

But she’s a great Twitter troll, right?

From the Washington Examiner:

Omar, when pressed on her support for gun control, responded, “What we are advocating for is that people don’t have access to commit mass murder … which is what you guys are advocating for.”

This is all unhinged, despicable rhetoric. There’s absolutely nothing to substantiate the insinuation that the NRA, whatever its faults may be, supports white supremacism or acts of violence in any way. The fact that they disagree with Democrats on complex matters of gun policy does not make the organization, or the millions of law-abiding Americans who belong to it, white supremacists — and any suggestion otherwise is a vicious smear.

The NRA deserves credit, not condemnation, for protecting our right to self-defense rather than caving to emotional hysteria and the Left’s baseless fearmongering about gun violence to try and restrict Second Amendment rights. But even if you disagree with them on all or most policy issues, the absolute least you must admit is that they’re not racist or evil just because they dissent from Ocasio-Cortez’s gun control agenda.


Bad stuff.



They call her, Sandy.


UNHINGED or just evil?! Why the HELL is Rosie O’Donnell with her big blue check and 1.1 MILLION followers targeting this kid?


‘Not surprising’: Brit Hume doesn’t pull a single PUNCH slamming Adam Schiff for faking dialogue between Trump and Zelensky

Back with a VENGEANCE! Mini AOC takes on hypocritical Democrats, climate change, and of course, Greta Thunberg (watch)

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