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Fee-Fi-Fo-FAIL: Adam Best solidifies his DBAG status explaining why it was AOK to try and destroy lives of Covington High School kids

Good news everyone! Adam Best took it upon himself to explain why it was AOK for him and other jagoffs on the Left to attack, torment, harass, threaten, and even attempt to destroy the lives of the Covington High School kids. You know, since many on the Right are questioning the Left for using a teenager like Greta Thunberg to hide behind as some sort of climate change shield …


The Right is full of such meanies, being concerned about her well-being and stuff.

We’re not seeing anyone ‘attacking’ Greta.

The ‘meanest’ thing we’re seeing is people pushing back on her ideas but attacks? Something like an adult talking about punching her in the face? Joking about dumping her in a wood chipper? You know, like the Left did with the Covington kids?


Actually the only attacks we are seeing is a bunch of people angry at her parents for allowing their child to be exploited and used.

Adam continued …


And wrong.

And debunked.


His last name is freakin’ ironic, yes?


HA! Perfect.

But the Covington kids were wearing red HATS!


Indeed he is.



Of course it is.

He’s a Leftist.


Put a FORK in it, they’re DONE: Robin Pogrebin reportedly told source what to say for NYT hit-piece on Kavanaugh

Oh honey, NO: AOC like totally embarrasses herself tweeting out her own definitions of socialism versus capitalism and LOL

‘Get this clown a mirror!’ Jim Acosta whines America has become ‘vicious, nasty country’ under Trump and OH THE IRONY (watch)

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