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'NO to more govt. intrusion': TX Rep. Matt Schaefer's thread pushing back on gun-control causes heads to EXPLODE

Texas Representative Matt Schaefer’s thread talking about what he will and will NOT do when it comes to gun control has well and truly triggered the Left. Note to Chris Hayes, THIS is what triggered looks like, not a bunch of Conservatives making fun of you for saying something really stupid about the electoral college. 


First, let’s take a look at Matt’s thread:

Here we go.

Welp, now he’s gone and done it.

Mentioning God?!

You know the instant they saw this the screeching started …

He continued:

This is Texas, folks. Just sayin’.

Ruh-roh, more God stuff.

Did we mention this thread triggered the Left?




God bless Texas.

You guys, you gotta see this explosion for yourselves to truly appreciate it (he’s trending), but we did our best to grab what we could.

Gun lobby.

Or, and hear us out, they understand it is our inherent right to bear arms.

Crazy, right?

It’s Texas.

Good luck with that.

Written by someone who obviously doesn’t know many Texans.


A whole buck 95!

Not what he said but …


Think Matt knew how badly they’d lose their shiznit?

Think he cares?


Well … BYE: Harvard-bound David Hogg’s latest demand around gun control goes ALL SORTS of wrong

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