All they had to do was NOT be crazy.

And as we’ve said time, and time again, thank goodness they couldn’t even do that.

Seems Debra Messing wants a ‘list’ printed of anyone who attends a Beverly Hills fundraiser for Trump during Emmys week. Gosh, who else liked to make lists of people to harass, boycott, and punish? Hrm.

Brownshirt says what?

This is not a good look, Deb. Like not at all.

Gosh, doesn’t seem like Dean Cain is all that intimidated by Deb’s little list:

In other words, Superman says take so many seats, Deb.

Seems to be the Left’s go-to these days.

Ding ding ding.


Oh, yeah, her Will and Grace ‘costar’ also wanted a list.

It’s really gross in a pathetic and sad way.

But ORANGE MAN BAD or something.


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