As Twitchy readers know, Chris Hayes made a total tool of himself babbling about the electoral college and explaining how something that isn’t in the Constitution isn’t Constitutional. WHOA, no way!

Talk about a super genius.

Welp, it would appear Chris thought Conservatives mocking and correcting him proved they were triggered … he even wrote a little thread bragging about it.

It is DEEPLY revealing how yahoos like Hayes never once complained about the electoral college until his precious Democrats got their butts handed to them by Trump in 2016.


Conservatives are paranoid? The senate, courts, and EC are ‘counter-majoritarian institutions’ …

And this guy wonders why we all make fun of him.

A-holes like Chris were confident to the point of delusion about Hillary Clinton but we digress.

How dare the Republic seek to protect the minority.

Wow, and we thought Brian Stelter was an annoying toolbag.

Guess how this went over.

Too late for that.