Earlier today, Twitchy covered Chris Hayes’ thread claiming he triggered paranoid Conservatives with his segment on the electoral college. Instead of accepting that he made a fool of himself (and boy howdy, did he EVER), Chris rambled and prattled on about how the Right is bad for wanting to protect the minority in this country.

You know, like the founders intended.

Yeah, he’s not the brightest crayon in the box BUT you know who is? @AG_Conservative, who took the time to use Chris’ own logic to take the Left’s entire argument against the electoral college apart.

It is deeply revealing the lengths these a-holes will go to in order to continue their temper tantrum.

Instead of working on what THEY did wrong, they want to change the rules.

You’d think their voters would take issue with this but no …

It’s not his fault people are making fun of him for being an idiot.

Or something.

And he won’t explain it because he can’t.

The NERVE of Conservatives seeking to protect and ‘conserve’ a basic fundamental of this country that the Left was hunky-dory with until Grammy Cankles lost to one of the most unpopular GOP candidates in history.

Maybe if they spent more time actually working on policies that would benefit Americans and less time throwing a fit because they lost in 2016 they wouldn’t have to worry about trying to dismantle the electoral college. Just sayin’.


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