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OWNED: @AG_Conservative calls Rachel Maddow OUT for excusing anti-Semitism and smearing Jews in EPIC thread

Last week was bad … SO BAD for the Left. What with Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib being banned from Israel and of course, Rashida’s disastrous play to pretend she only wanted to see her grandma which turned out to be total BS.



So of course, the Leftist media was doing their part to circle the wagons and do some damage control.

Must be nice.

One of our favorites, @AG_Conservative, put together a pretty kick-as* thread about the week the Left had, how they excused anti-Semitism and actually smeared Jews.

Rachel Maddow, the queen of conspiracies.

Gosh, we’re shocked … SHOCKED we tell you.

Rachel probably assumed correctly.


What sort of dipstick would try and claim defending Israel is somehow white nationalism?

Wait, Rachel would.

And did.

Never mind.

She’s just awful.


The machine … it sucks.

Huh, whaddya know?

Maddow is full of it.

Gosh, we’re shocked.


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