Matt Zarb-Cousin seems very concerned for our friends in the left-wing media who are apparently getting attacked in the street.

Only ‘mainstream’ political commentators?

And only on the left?


Our second-favorite parody (Spicier forever!), Titania McGrath, used satire to mock the entire idea that only the left-wing media is getting attacked.


S’all good when someone like Andy Ngo gets beaten so badly that he ends up with a brain-bleed for simply trying to cover an Antifa ‘protest,’ but don’t be mean to left-wing reporters. The hypocrisy is astonishing.

Side note, Titania is such a great parody.

That. ^

Well duh.

True story. We’ve been telling the Left for years they won’t enjoy the ‘new rules’ they keep putting in place.

And here we are.


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