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RIGHT! Anti-Trump poster girl Chrissy Teigen bravely claims she'll boycott these restaurants for helping re-elect Trump and LOL

Hey, if you guys are looking for some places to eat over the weekend, this anti-Trump peep was good enough to share a bunch of restaurants that are supporting Trump’s re-election campaign. Whoohoo, INN N OUT!


Take your pick.

Yummm … Waffle House.



But lookout, Christine (Chrissy) Teigen is going to boycott all of these places … WHATEVER WILL THEY DO WITHOUT HER?!

Suuure she is.

Because you know Teigen here spends most of her time eating at Pizza Hut and KFC, then follows up with a snack at Carl’s Jr.

And wow, she should totally use the f-word more, it makes her seem so sane and rational.

This is about as believable as Michael Moore boycotting the SoulCycle.

Now if Moore threatened to boycott these eateries they might need to worry …

THOUSANDS of dollars.


Yeah, Teigen is a real sweetie.

Side note, this editor and her family totally had McDonald’s for lunch … so stick that in your boycott pipe and smoke it.

The epitome of class.

Right?! Must shutdown anyone or any company that disagrees with the Left.

It’s pathetic.



Hey, at least Evan is honest. Gold star.

God bless AMERICA!


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