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WOW this is dumb! AOC dragged (then dragged some more) for comparing white supremacy to a virus in absurd thread

Anyone notice AOC doesn’t seem all that concerned about the ‘concentration camps’ at the southern border anymore?

Gosh, and she was so worked up over those people drinking out of toilets and stuff. She even cried in front of an empty parking lot.


Guess she has some new talking points to push around now … must’ve gotten ‘word’ from her handlers.


Remember when her garbage disposal confused and frightened her?


Holy crap.

NY, really with this chick?


Wow, this is so dumb.

We’re starting to see why she’s polling so badly in her own community. Ok, that’s not true, we’ve always seen it but holy cow, what a ridiculous thread.

In other words, she and other Democrats have absolutely NOTHING ELSE to talk about so please, let them focus on white supremacy.



Annnd we’re all dumber for having read her thread. Our bad.


You know, we haven’t either.

Funny how that works.

She’s basically comparing a huge group of Americans to infected zombies who don’t know they have a virus.


Yeah, it’s a terrible thread.

Notice they never really talk about what they will do for America and instead spend most if not all of their time trying to scare people into supporting them and/or painting their opponents as horrible people.

It’s very, very telling.


DAMN this is good! Firearm advocate Theresa Inacker makes a FOOL of Chris Cuomo during CNN’s gun-control Town Hall

Nailed IT! Byron York has 1 IMPORTANT question for Lefties using shooter’s manifesto to blame Trump for El Paso shooting

‘She’s a nonstop demagogic CLOWN show’: Guy Benson LAYS into AOC after she directly blames Trump for El Paso and DAMN

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