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The HUMANITY! Blue-check activist freaks because 'well-known neo-fascist' Trump supporters are PICKING UP TRASH in Baltimore


Quick! Alert the authorities! Call for a protest!

The end is near!!!


They’re not making like they’re cleaning up trash … they’re just cleaning up trash.

Hey Daryle, why don’t you go down there and help them instead of trying to incite violence and get them hurt for trying to help that community?

You know that face you make when you read something so damn stupid you can’t believe you just read that nonsense? Just made that face.


Scott is so awesome.

True story.


Daryle would rather sit on Twitter and make people paranoid about anyone who disagrees with them politically HELPING THEM.

All we can do is shake our heads sometimes.


A to the men.

This is so damn cool.


And they wonder why we make fun of them.


OOPSIE DAISY! Alyssa Milano’s tweet wasn’t the DUNK on American gun owners she thought it was and ROFL

‘But … NOTHING’?! Steven Crowder calls CNN out as only he can when a certain news story MAGICALLY disappears

Brit Hume puts false talking point that Trump called neo-Nazis ‘very fine people’ to REST with PragerU video and Lefties can’t DEAL

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