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It's NEVER enough: Trump condemns racism, bigotry and white supremacy BUT media runs with Toledo gaffe instead

Keep in mind, the Left has been raging at Trump to condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy all weekend. And when he actually does what they want him to do what do they focus on instead?


Are you freakin’ kidding us?

Fine, he messed up. He said the wrong city.


*oh wait*

Obama had several.

So did W.

Heck, we’re surprised Bernie knows which country he’s in half the time.

But you know, they need to focus on Trump being ‘bad’ so they’ll ignore that he condemned the El Paso shooting and all the things they wanted him to condemn and focus on his saying Toledo so they can prove he doesn’t really care. Which is ironic when you consider how badly the Left has been trying to ignore Dayton since it was discovered the gunman was a huge Warren supporter.

But that’s Joe!


And in case you really did want to see Trump’s comments on racism, bigotry, and white supremacy …

But notice the media isn’t really covering this part.

Gosh, wonder why that is?


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