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CLOCKWORK! #KamalaHarris Destroyed TRENDS and just guess who the Left blames for it (hint, rhymes with Crushin' Plots)

Because, ya’ know, anyone who noticed how badly Kamala Harris got her a*s handed to her last night must totally be a bot.



And here we thought people who noticed Tulsi Gabbard REKT Kamala Harris last night were just normal, everyday Americans. Seriously, how could you miss THIS?


They really believe this crap.

See? Gotta LOVE the Left. Predictable AF.

And c’mon, Vox is now a Russian bot?


Those freakin’ sneaky Russian bots!

Sorry, not sorry.

And not bots.


Whoa, crazy man Michael Rapaport even went after her.


That’s when you KNOW it’s bad.

Guess #KamalaHarrisDestroyed is legit.


‘Dude, this is an AWFUL tweet’: Matt Yglesias pisses a WHOLE lotta Lefties off taking a racist jab at Kirsten Gillibrand

Solved the puzzle! Pat Sajak sums up BOTH nights of CNN’s #DemDebate with 1 hilarious and painfully honest tweet

‘You are a DISGRACE’! Ibraheem Samirah disrupts Trump’s Jamestown speech and gets DECIMATED for bragging about it

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