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AWKWARD: Rashida Tlaib brags about ABYSMAL House vote that only proves they don't WANT to impeach Trump

Rashida Tlaib thinks getting 25% of the House to vote for articles of impeachment against Trump means ‘it’s time.’

Only a quarter of the Democratically controlled House voted to impeach him.


And Democrats control the House.


ACES, Rashida.

Yeah, that vote was NOT a good thing, Rashida.

We know, math is hard.

From NBC News:

The House voted on Wednesday to table a resolution from Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, to impeach President Donald Trump over racist comments he made about four Democratic congresswomen of color, effectively killing the measure.

The vote — 332 to 95, with one lawmaker voting “present” — marked the first time the Democratic-controlled chamber had weighed in on impeachment, an issue that has created a widening schism within the party. Progressive newcomers and several 2020 candidates have pushed for impeachment proceedings, but the House leadership, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has been resistant.

Holy crap!

Guess that’s a big ol’ NO, Rashida.



Hey, maybe if she lies about where she lives TWICE that will make a difference.


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