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'He'd kick your punk A*S!': Seb Gorka UNLOADS on loser journo for crapping all over crowd attending Trump's announcement (watch)

When someone has had enough they’ve had ENOUGH, and we’re thinking Seb Gorka had enough of the Playboy’s Brian Karem who accused the crowd in attendance for Trump’s announcement of being ‘prone to demonic possession.’


Whatever the heck that’s supposed to mean.

Nothing says you’re a professional member of the MSM like calling a bunch of people inherently ‘evil’.

Watch Gorka light this guy the EFF up:

Maybe this editor is just a teensy bit combative herself but when Gorka went off she totally did an internal fist-pump. Note: Since this article was originally written there has been some discussion as to who Karem was insulting with his ‘demonic’ dig as some believe he was referring to the way Trump sees the press. Either way, it was obnoxious and needed calling out.


Trump supporters are tired of the harassment; for years, idiots like this Brian guy crapping all over the audience have been telling us all that Trump supporters are bad people … perhaps Gorka should have handed him a mirror.

It’s on.



And yup.

What a sweetie.

The Playboy ‘reporter’ had it coming.

Sorry, not sorry.


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