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Gosh, YA' THINK?! Rick Wilson lecturing Dems about letting Trump win in 2020 TRIGGERS a whole lotta karma and LOL

Rick Wilson doesn’t seem quite as cocky about Trump losing next year.

Huh, that’s too bad.

First The Bulwark admitted the Left was never really their friend and now Rick Wilson himself has figured out Lefties are really and truly awful.


We tried to tell them all of this years ago and save them a good deal of humiliation but OH NO.

Orange man bad.

Anything to stop him … blah blah blah.

How’s that workin’ out for Never Trump?



Like that’s at all possible.

See? They hate him. They hate all of Never Trump. No matter how much these folks pander to the Left in their disdain for Trump they will NEVER accept them.

Have fun with that, Rick.

She’s all yours, folks.


Yeah! Stop lecturing Democrats, Rick.

Oh, ouch, our sides.

Luckily Democrats aren’t known for being smart.

See AOC.

Yeah, stop picking on the ladies of the Democratic Party.

We warned him.


‘It’s DANGEROUS’: Guy Benson DROPS Ilhan Omar with her own anti-Semitic rhetoric for trying to silence Tucker Carlson and DAMN

Wow, THAT’S embarrassing: Dianne Feinstein’s concerns about 9th Circuit Court nomination debunked by … Dianne Feinstein

‘No country can survive being ruled by people who hate it’: Tucker does NOT hold back defending Ilhan Omar comments (watch)

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