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Stupid people can be exhausting --> Blue-check doc's tweet about white people being exhausting goes VERY, VERY wrong

Twitter sure seems to like really and truly horrible people.

It’s true. As long as you hate the right groups, believe the correct progressive narrative, and are willing to bully and target the right people you’ll be rewarded with that pretty blue checkmark that not only verifies that you are the horrible person you say you are, but that Twitter all but endorses what you have to say.


Take for example ‘Doctor Choo’ who had this to tweet about white people:

Stupid people can be exhausting. Just an observation.

Imagine the firestorm (and suspension) if any other group of people had been listed as exhausting. BUT since it’s just white people, that’s totally ok with Twitter.

Observation #2: People react strongly to a stupid tweet painting them with a lazy broad brush and the edgy blue-check can then pretend their tweet actually meant something.

FYI, all people can be exhausting, doc. Get a mirror.

Observation #3: Twitter is biased AF.

Man, it must be so easy to be a vapid, emotional, agenda-driven bubble head on Twitter. Lucky Leftists.


HA! Hey, maybe that’s what she meant? Yeah … probably not.

Well, that doctor would be racist, duh.

If she’s so exhausted maybe that’s a good idea. She can take a nap.


This just got interesting.

Always someone out there desperate for attention.

Yay, Twitter!


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