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'Journalism': John Harwood just embarrasses himself in rush to defend Nadler for being a sexist Keebler-Elf-looking a-hole

Pretty sure John Harwood is a hack.

Hey, we don’t know for sure but yeah … we’re pretty sure.


Yup, Jerry Nadler kept calling Hope Hicks ‘Ms. Lewandowski’ and John wants people to believe that he wasn’t doing it on purpose. So either Nadler is mentally a mess and can’t keep basic names and people straight OR he’s a sexist douchebag.

We’re going to say he’s a little bit of both.

Yeah, that works.

They would lose their damn minds.

See, we’re not the only ones who are ‘pretty sure’ John’s a hack.

And Bingo was his name-o.


It’s not like calling someone ‘Ms. Smith’ or ‘Ms. Jones’.

True story.

We’re pretty sure he did too.


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