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Because OF COURSE she is: Rachel Dolezal wants everyone to know she's TOTALLY bisexual now (but ain't nobody buyin' it)

Oh good. The woman who pretended she was black is now ‘coming out’ as a bisexual to celebrate Pride Month.

That doesn’t seem the least bit suspect … nope, not at all.



Color us jaded but this seems just a teensy bit like pandering to this editor. Kind of like Rachel screwed up with this other protected class so now she’s trying to sneak into another protected class.

Somebody is in desperate need of attention.


Tough crowd she’s trying to exploit here, eh?


Ok, so there seem to be a few things that have been uniting both sides of the political aisle over the past few days.


OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby, and now Rachel Dolezal.

They’re annoying most everyone on Twitter.

True story.

This went well, Rachel.

Or not.


‘POTUS is right’: Yashar Ali shuts Maggie Haberman’s journo-outrage over Trump’s #CoughGate DOWN in just 1 tweet

Well, wasn’t THAT convenient?! Kevin Sorbo drops a Hercules-sized truth bomb on James Comey and BOOOOM

‘This is BULLSH*T!’ Kyle Kashuv’s thread about how Harvard RESCINDED his acceptance will infuriate you

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