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YouTube strikes again! You'll never GUESS which Tim Pool video YouTube 'censored' out of the blue (ok, you might)

Welp, this just happened.

We know, you’re totally shocked that YouTube censored Tim Pool’s video … on censorship.


He can’t even appeal it, they just removed the video. Guess the truth about people being censored on big tech platforms like Pinterest is something YouTube doesn’t want out there. So they’re censoring censorship videos … k.

Look at that evil video! EVIL! Pool dared to speak about YouTube getting caught censoring pro-life sites as porn. But you know, only crazy people think there’s an actual bias in social media and stuff. Clearly, whiny conservatives are just making this whole bias story up …

It’s infuriating.

YouTube literally censored a video on censorship.

The stupid burns.

We’re going to bet YouTube doesn’t have a whole lot to say on the matter.


Remember that whole slippery slope thing we’ve been talking about for months? Years?

Here we go.


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