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'LATE to the party, pal!' CNN's Jim Sciutto giving pointers to reporters on how to interview Trump belongs in EYE-ROLL Hall of Fame

Jim Sciutto shared some ‘words of wisdom’ with other reporters who might actually get a chance to interview the president and we can’t decide if this is hilarious or absolutely obnoxious. A guy who works for CNN telling others to ‘challenge Trump when he denies facts’ might be one of the most hypocritical things this editor has read in a good long while.



Remember when CNN was always challenging Obama? Oh, wait.

A little.

It is fascinating.



Strange, isn’t it?

Well, duh. Especially that Michael Avenatti guy.

We can’t help but notice she never returned with any examples of Jim challenging Obama.

Or asking him about his favorite color? His NCAA brackets?


Like the rest of Jim, his backbone was napping during that time.


Dude, THIS is why the Hallmark Channel is BEATING you: Brian Stelter plays Hall Monitor with Trump’s interviews on Fox News

Don’t start NONE! Brianna Wu tries picking a fight with Matt Walsh and just GUESS how that goes (assist from Dan Crenshaw!)

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