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'No WAY you're this stupid!' Ashe Schow SCHOOLS Kamala Harris on her pander-filled babbling on the wage gap myth

Nothing screams Democrat like running on an imaginary problem with an equally imaginary solution.

We get that Kamala Harris and the other Democrats have nothing to run on now that Russian collusion has basically been debunked as a giant hoax but this is pathetic, even for Kamala.


Raise your hand if you’re a woman and beyond sick of Democrats pretending that in 2019 America corporations are deliberately paying women less just because they are women. It’s beyond insulting and annoying …

It has been against the law to pay a woman less based on her sex for DECADES.

And are not things that can be legislated.

Kamala can’t make women pursue fields that pay more.

Sorry, not sorry.

And even more shame on those who use it.



She’s not stupid, she just thinks the people who might actually vote for her are.




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