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'Are you SERIOUSLY this dumb?' Parker Molloy dragged after ranting about Yashar Ali not consistently hating ALL religion

Parker Molloy going after Yashar Ali for not adequately hating all religions consistently is one of the most Twitter 2019 things maybe ever. How dare Yashar take issue with Scientology and not Catholicism! This editor is seriously jelly of how much free time Parker must have to sit around and look for things to outrage her.


As a Catholic, this editor just added Parker to her prayer list. If anyone needs some prayer it’s this chick …

He should hate all religions equally and stuff.

Such a yucky take. Yeah, yucky is sort of an immature word to use but considering how immature her take is it works.

She says as she obsesses over Yashar’s tweets.

Would someone please get Parker a mirror? Her self-awareness is zilch.




Wait, that doesn’t work here … or does it?

Man, we don’t know anymore.

He is.

You want us to answer honestly?

Sounds like this peep is onto something.


Not in the least.


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