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Pants on FIRE --> Jim Acosta SHREDDED for deliberately misquoting and spinning Trump's comments about asylum seekers

Jim Acosta just can’t quit Trump.

It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic and sad.

We get that his job is to cover the White House, but we’re pretty sure that job doesn’t entail him spinning the news in a negative way to hurt Trump. But then again, he does work for CNN so who knows?


Look at this crap.

And if you look at Jim’s feed you’ll see all sorts of angry Leftists shaking their little fists and comparing Trump to Hitler.

Which is exactly what Jim wanted.

There’s just one problem.

Oh, he lied.

Whoda thunk it?


Imagine how much embarrassment Jim could save himself if he just spent a little time actually reporting and investigating instead of pandering and whining on Twitter.

Fair point.


It’s sort of a given at this point.


Eh. He’s more the norm in his profession than a disgrace.

Which may be the saddest thing we’ve written in a long while.

Jim. Be better.


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