It’s not that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is stupid.

It’s just that so much of what she knows isn’t correct.

See, we’re being nice and stuff.


Seems AOC is doing her part to push universal healthcare, aka giving the government control over our health care in the United States.

And yea, we’re still a hard NO.

Spoiler, she’s wrong.

We know, you’re shocked.


Wait, you mean it’s not because we need to let the government control everything?

Color us shocked.


If anyone knows about a dummy answer it’s our favorite dummy, AOC.

Hey, we said she’s our favorite.

Still nice.


From Misfit Politics:

In the pharmaceutical industry, what we hear are loud complaints about the high cost of drugs without any consideration of why they are high or the benefits that come with those high prices. Without question, the FDA approval process needs to be streamlined to bring down drug companies’ costs. Also, tort reform could help to reduce costs. But the primary driving factor in drug prices is exclusivity—sometimes patents and sometimes statutory.

Instead of bemoaning the price of this drug, we should consider the fact that we likely wouldn’t have it at all without these exclusivity incentives. To paraphrase Kevin, there is something deeply rooted in us that instinctively thinks we are being abused if someone else has access to something we don’t. But it is, without question, better that some people with ALS have access to this drug (even if not everyone), than that no one does.

So there is MUCH MORE to this issue than just more government.

Who knew?





Maybe Mo should use puppets and crayons next time.


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