Jodi Jacobson thinks that if women don’t disagree with abortion that must mean they are indoctrinated by the patriarchy and white supremacy.

Apparently, the idea of a woman thinking for herself and having her own ideas totally escapes Jodi.

Feminists. *eye roll*

It’s like someone dared her to come up with the crappiest tweet she could.

Seriously, we read a lot of bad tweets (it’s what we do) but man, this is SO bad.

Feminists created the patriarchy so they had someone or something to blame for all of their failures.

Sorry, not sorry.

What she said.

Who knew wanting to protect the unborn regardless of color was somehow the agenda of white supremacy.

Crazy talk.

Ooh ooh, we know!

The irony of her being angry that she’s been unable to indoctrinate other women and claiming they’re indoctrinated is probably lost on her.

We hear the patriarchy has the best cookies.

Careful, she won’t understand this is a joke.


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