Sean Spicier has no shortage of stupid on his timeline, and thank goodness because we’re guessing many of our readers need a break from the crazy and awful we’ve been watching and reading this week with Barr appointing John Durham and of course Alabama’s abortion law.

You’d think by now these tools would have figured out that he’s a parody and most of his tweets are bait but nope, every time we go look there’s a fresh crop of angry, glue-sniffing Leftists just begging to be mocked.

God bless America.


Almost TOO easy.

The tweet, not Stacey Abrams.

Oh stop, it’s a joke.

They really think Spicier is Spicer.

And the irony of this ArtiFa guy lecturing a parody account about dignity.

Wait, didn’t Obama say the Constitution was a barrier?

Yeah, bro.


Gotta love it when a blue check gets caught in Spicier’s web.

Maybe we should preface this article with some sort of warning about NOT drinking while reading because even this editor almost did a spit take just now.


Yummm … sandwich.

Those Rubles ain’t gonna spend themselves.


Stupid of this magnitude should be painful.


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