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'This is a DAMN LIE and you KNOW IT'! Ilhan Omar outright SMEARS Trump to defend Rashida Tlaib and it goes SO wrong

You know Rashida Tlaib really stepped in it when Trump himself is tweeting about what she said.


If Trump said anything was ‘calming’ about the Holocaust, idiots would be accusing him of praising neo-Nazis.

Like this idiot.

Shocker, Ilhan lied to defend Rashida.

Gosh, and she’s usually so honest too.

It’s like none of these junior House Rep broads can help themselves.

How dare he say what she said!

Which one?


Democrats love to project.

Never forget that.

Girl stop, indeed.


There are plenty of Muslims in this country who don’t say terrible things about Israel and the Jews … maybe Ilhan and Rashida should try it?


Womp womp.

Damn, son.


Can you just NOT?! Alyssa Milano calls for Congress to open ANOTHER Trump investigation and even Lefties SHUT her down

OMG, like, for REAL?! Socialist Dem darling AOC complaining about her first-world problems (mustache!) is PRICELESS (watch)

‘Just BAD journalism’: Dana Loesch DROPS a serious fact-check on the AP for their ‘fact(less) check’ on Trump’s infanticide claims

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