We expect this sort of low-level, biased, pathetic reporting from CNN and MSNBC, but c’mon AP.

You guys have to be better than this.

They even hashtagged it.

*eye roll*

From the AP:

His comments, meant to taint Democrats, have been embraced by many anti-abortion activists, and assailed as maliciously false by many medical professionals. What’s clear is that he is oversimplifying a deeply complex issue. It’s already a crime to kill babies, but not necessarily a crime to forgo sophisticated medical intervention in cases where severe fetal abnormalities leave a newborn with no chance of survival.

‘Meant to taint Democrats.’

No, the only one tainting Democrats are Democrats, like Ralph Northam who ACTUALLY did excuse infanticide on a radio show in Virginia. LIVE. But you know, it’s all about Trump being a big ol’ liar and stuff.

Dana Loesch just unloaded on them:

Bad journalism.

Seriously bad journalism.

Same difference?

OR ignoring inconvenient truths.

Good point.

Ohhhhh, that’s right! Our bad.



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