You guys remember Valerie Plame, right? Like her fellow Democrats Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, Valerie has a history of saying and or sharing fairly anti-Semitic things. Back in 2017, she shared an anti-Semitic article and claimed she failed to read the entire article before sharing it …

Valerie Plame apologizes AGAIN, admits failed to read other anti-Semitic articles she shared

Interestingly enough, it appears Valerie has deleted the tweets we originally included in this article.

We’ve covered her a few times …

‘Come ON’! Valerie Plame has NO business getting a gig like this [photo]

Crazy stuff, right?

And yet the media’s coverage of Plame’s run for Congress has been ‘ignoring her anti-Semitism’:

C’mon, we know she’s a Dem but she’s been in the news for this very reason several times.

From The Federalist:

Valerie Plame, an ex-CIA officer famously outed by a State Department official in the George W. Bush administration, is running for the open seat in New Mexico’s Third Congressional District. Unsurprisingly, the establishment media coverage of her candidacy largely ignored aspects of the Plame affair that are unhelpful to the left. Big Media also largely ignored the anti-Semitic materials she promoted on Twitter, a scandal that forced her resignation from the already controversial Ploughshares Fund.

Told ya’.

The Plame affair may be seen as part of the foundation for the distrust some on the right now harbor for “deep state” bureaucrats undermining the executive branch and special counsel investigations that wind up focused on secondary issues. Plame’s legacy on this score, however, is not the whole of her disturbing record.

Disturbing is putting it mildly.

Fair point.


And like we said up there, she has since deleted those tweets.

Convenient, eh?


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