You know what we don’t have enough of in this country?

Investigations into the president.


Alyssa Milano is onto something here, almost like she was onto something with that whole #SexStrike thing … heh.

Congress should open up another investigation?

Cripes, woman.

Just admit you know you guys can’t beat him next year and stop making fools of yourselves.

She put on a show, defended Joe, doncha know.

Whoa, we rhymed.

You can tell it’s getting later in the day when this editor starts accidentally writing her articles in poem form.

Even Lefties are fed up. And honestly, who could blame them? Democrats have wasted so much time investigating Trump that they’ve gotten NOTHING done for their constituents.


With the crusts cut off.

Thank you very much.

You really don’t want to know.

All day THAT.^

Besides, shouldn’t Alyssa be busy with her whole #SexStrike thing?


OMG, like, for REAL?! Socialist Dem darling AOC complaining about her first-world problems (mustache!) is PRICELESS (watch)

‘Just BAD journalism’: Dana Loesch DROPS a serious fact-check on the AP for their ‘fact(less) check’ on Trump’s infanticide claims

Hope Carol Roth got a receipt after OWNING the NYT for claiming there’s no link between illegal immigrants and crime