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'SO DUMB, even for you'! Alyssa Milano responds to woman disagreeing with her #SexStrike with VILE lie about miscarriage

In all her infinite wisdom (heh, we just cracked ourselves up), Alyssa Milano has taken it upon herself to call for a #SexStrike in response to the pro-life GA bill daring to regulate abortion. Hilariously, the very thing she’s calling for, abstinence, is the one single thing we know won’t lead to abortion so in a way she’s supporting the GA law but we digress.


Alyssa’s idea has not been the best of her ‘having bright ideas’ career.

And we thought the war on Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets was dumb.

Anywho, several women called Alyssa out on this tactic …

Alyssa’s response?

This is such a lie. Either Alyssa is deliberately misleading people or she’s irretrievably stupid.


If this is an act it’s the best of her career.

She’s saying that, but it’s not true.

It’s one thing to be a passionate leader of a movement.

It’s quite another to lose your sh*t over a law that isn’t even in your own state and then throw a ridiculous temper tantrum and pretend it’s a movement.

She should be ashamed.


Other sick liars?

But she also knows most of the people who support her don’t either.

Starting to wonder.


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