As Twitchy readers know, when Trump hilariously and perfectly compared Mayor Pete Buttigieg to Alfred E. Neuman, Pete claimed he had to Google who the iconic character was and then pretended it was a joke for old people. Because you know, MAD is so totally ancient and out of date and stuff.

Democrats … they never learn.

If Pete had been smart he’d have thanked Trump and acted like it was a compliment but oh no, he played to his ignorant base and may have actually made himself a very powerful enemy. MAD originally used Pete’s own words to roast him, but then they doubled down on owning him in their bio and it’s DELICIOUS.

Mayor Pete on the cover.


MAD wins.

But you know, MAD is so old fashioned and stuff.

We seriously can’t believe Mayor Pete went that direction with this.

Wait, you know what?

We can believe it. Never mind.

Psh, MAD invented the shade game, they just didn’t know it.

Either way, this ain’t going away, Alfred, err … Pete.



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