Michael Avenatti locked his account today.

Poor Lil guy, we wonder wassamatta?

Oooooh, this is what’s the matta …

Would seem Chuck Grassley’s former Chief Counsel of Nominations, Mike Davis, took our favorite creepy porn lawyer apart in a BIG way.

So much for that whole BASTA thing, eh?

Now usually we include both sides of a conversation we cover on Twitter but since Avenatti locked down you’ll only get to see one side. Well, you’ll get to see some of what he tweeted because Mike was good enough to screenshot some of them.

Ain’t he a peach?


So Mike offered this:

And well …

But wait, there’s more!

And still more.

Guess you could say Mike keeps his receipts.

We love how Avenatti slams Mike for being brave, while he’s locked down his account.

Yes, sure, Mike is the coward.

Avenatti talking about anyone else being a fraud is hilarious.

He says right before he locks his account.



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