David Simon has his panties all sorts of bunched up over the GA law regulating abortion.

Poor David.

Someone should tell him he can still have an abortion up to six weeks into a pregnancy …

We had no idea who David Simon was but apparently, he’s some writer and producer of several shows this editor has never heard of. But HEY, look out Georgia, since you’re protecting the life of the unborn he won’t be making any of his shows we’ve never heard of in your state now.

Who knew abortions were such a big thing during a production?

Fascinating how he was just bellyaching about protecting a woman’s ‘right’ to have an abortion and now he’s calling Republican women sluts.

Talk about a class act.

We couldn’t name a single program David is involved in so there’s that.


So he says he doesn’t look at Nielsen but anything he does that gains an immediate went wrong somewhere?

Does he realize he just owned himself?

Ok, so it’s not just us.

Ooh, David must feel stupid because he’s using a bunch of big words now.

Literally and legitimately hilarious. Yes.

Actually, not to be THAT person, but sweet pea is two words.

Also, if you have to tell people how successful and/or rich you are, you’re neither.

Talk about an insecure toad.

And accidentally very entertaining.


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