Rapper ZUBY has figured it out, why so many people who may have been moderates or centrists have decided to become Conservatives or Republicans or right-leaning Libertarians, especially since Trump became president. And it’s not just because of job growth, the expanding economy, and tax cuts … it’s something bigger.

It’s the way the Left behaves in social media, particularly on Twitter.

ZUBY said it best.

No humor, no empathy, no tolerance. A secular religion of hate and false virtue … OMG stick this right into this editor’s veins. SO GOOD.

He continued.

So extremes on both sides are a bad thing, but on the Left, it’s even worse.

Fair point.

Whoohoo capitalism!


See, the Left would accuse him of selling out or some other nonsense but not someone on the Right who believes in the free market and in being successful.

True story.

Something like that.


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