Rep. Dan Crenshaw wrote a fairly vicious thread about House Democrats playing the pre-existing condition card in an effort to deliberately mislead voters. We realize Dan is a junior rep and is not quite so jaded and cynical as the rest of us who have been watching these a-holes lie for YEARS about health care.

You can tell Dan was pissed when he wrote this.

And who could blame him?

Dems … lying about health care?! WE’RE SHOCKED!

Yup. They love pretending the bill they’re working on does something positive when it’s usually only positive for them and or the government. Then when Republicans vote against it they can say, ‘HEY LOOK, REPUBLICANS HATE YOU AND WANT YOU TO GO WITHOUT HEALTH CARE.’

As we said, we’ve been watching these shills do this for years.

Dems want more government at the federal level so of course, they’d be against states figuring these things out for themselves. Let’s not forget what’s really the most important to Democrats, and that’s making Republicans look bad, especially the president. At the end of the day, all they really want is power.

And if that means they lie to their base so be it.

True story.

Oh, good, Chris Hayes chimed in.


So what else is new?

From what we can tell, Dan did not respond.



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