VICE asked experts if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will end up president.



So you know this was a hot mess of stupid.

Because AOC is a ‘young political star.’

Whoa boy.

From Vice (yeah, we know):

While it is entirely possible that Ocasio-Cortez will find a way of effectively navigating those political challenges and retaining her digital fame. But it is worth remembering that she is a political neophyte who openly acknowledges how jarring her rise to prominence has been and how tiring it is to play the great hope or villain while just trying to do her job as a legislator. And all it takes is one slip to upset that balancing act and take a major career turn.

As historian Gil Troy noted, proof of such political staying power, “an agility and a rootedness,” only emerges with time. So it is entirely possible that Ocasio-Cortez “may yet rise, in time, to spectacular heights,” as Gurri put it, “or plunge into the abyss and be forgotten” within months or years. “No one can say at this point.”

So these experts don’t know.


Which means the whole silly article was a waste of time … like most things VICE does.

It IS bait … dangit we took the bait!

Our bad.


The man bun is a nice touch.

VICE, as a rule, is exhausting.

Super sure.

That. ^

In their little minds yes, yes the Green New Deal is more important than the Emancipation Proclamation.

Stupid of this magnitude should be painful.


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